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Arc-Flash Analysis is More than Just Labeling

Regularly conducting arc flash analyses and maintaining an arc flash safety program is critical.

By Dayan Rodriguez, Global Operations & Business Development Manager, Rockwell Automation

Although electricity once was considered a scientific curiosity, today it’s an essential part of everyday life. Unfortunately, familiarity with electricity can sometimes cause electrical professionals to overlook or minimize its potential hazards. Though fatal and nonfatal electrical injuries have declined significantly in recent decades, risks still exist. Regularly conducting arc flash analysis, and actively maintaining an arc flash program, is critical for helping identify and prevent issues that might lead to an arc flash or blast.

Unfortunately, manufacturers often lack the in-house capability to complete and update these analyses on a timely basis. What's more, there is a common misconception that the goal of the analysis should be equipment that's properly labeled. Certainly, effective labeling is important, but an analysis conducted by an experienced, certified professional can serve as the foundation for an electrical safety program that helps minimize risk to both the plant and its personnel.

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