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What OSHA Expects

The Electrical Safety Questions OSHA Will Ask During an Investigation

By Kenneth Cybart, Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Littelfuse

An OSHA field inspection is a lot like a test, and it helps to know what questions you might be asked.  So, when it comes to preparing for an OSHA inspection that includes electrical safety, a good starting point is to inspection2understand OSHA’s approach to electrical safety. OSHA’s goal is for employers to identify all electrical hazards, both potential and actual. In the past, OSHA focused on process changes, encouraging companies to de-energize circuits before working on them, perform lockout/tagout procedures and develop ongoing safety programs that include worker training and retraining. A more recent area of emphasis is arc-flash safety, which means electrical safety professionals must analyze the workplace for shock and arc-flash hazards, establish safe protection boundaries and define what personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used within these boundaries.

For electrical safety in the workplace, OSHA relies on expert consensus bodies such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and its standards published in NFPA 70E. To ensure that employers are following NFPA and OSHA guidelines, OSHA trains its inspectors and compliance officers to ask specific questions in the event of an electrical safety incident. CLICK HERE to read the full article from EHS Today about what requirements safety managers need to know regarding electrical safety and OSHA Inspections.

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